Steps are recorded in three ways

1) Directly on TWC app

2) By TWC band

3) Through 3rd party bands via Google Fit.

Steps are reflected readily via TWC band and phone. It may take a little longer in fetching data from bands and Google Fit.

WHO recommends 10k steps in a day. The secret is in being consistent and building habits than showing just beginner enthusiasm.

Steps are recorded and updated in real-time via phone and TWC band. If you are using paired device steps are updated as and when the data is received. You and your teammates need to open the app at least once a day to see any change on leaderboard.

No, TWC app doesn’t convert activities to steps. It just tracks steps via Step-o-meter. If your paired fitness band can convert activity to steps then it will surely pick up.

Step data may be unsynchronized at times. This is due to no network or when data is dependent on another paired band/app. People might open app later or once, so it fetches the whole day’s data together. When TWC receives the data it updates it immediately.

The band tracks your hand movement as steps. While the TWC app uses a pedometer on your phone to track your actual movement. This results in a difference in what you see on the app and band.

Make continuous and consistent efforts. Motivate the non-active members of your team, push them and walk together.

TWC promotes the spirit of winning with people through teams. This makes the formation and working together as a group necessary.

You can either create a group while subscribing to your challenge or join a pre-defined one. You can choose to keep the team open/restricted, see participants beforehand.

When you make a group you can choose to keep entry to team open or restricted. If you restrict, no one can enter your team without your approval.

The number of people in a group is defined by org while launching. It can be as low as 2 or as high as 200. We recommend 11 as the ideal team size.

To leave a person may unsubscribe from the challenge or leave the team. However, you cannot remove them.

Send that person an invite and let them know your team name. To do so, go to Feed- Leaderboard- Invite Buddies.

Get to know your teammates by launching a team session on the app. Strategize to win with them.

This may happen because of two reasons:

1) Upper limit of the group is completed.

2) Admin has paused joining and is not taking new members.

Team rank is based on average points since the start of round or joining of challenge whichever is latest. This is why each member matters in increasing the team score.

As the admin, you are the leader of your team members. You can admit, decline, pause admission to your group. You can change the name of the group as well as assign someone else as admin.

You first need to shift all your group members to another group and then you may delete the group and join the one of your choice. You can make someone else admin as well.

No, you are not. Points/steps are calculated on an average basis. This means your team efforts are calculated on the number of members in your team.

You can earn points in a variety of ways. Your steps contribute majorly to your points. Activities completed, sessions attended, all this earn you points. But the key is consistency.

The largest active team gets ‘United Team Points’ which is 100 points per day. This is for points-enabled challenges only, not for challenges with steps-enabled ranking. Encourage your team and be consistent.

Focus on building habits, consistent efforts, and take baby steps. One-day push won’t help in beating the one on top but consistent efforts would. All scores are reset at the start of every round.

Regular consistency and persistence pay off. We encourage you to walk more every day to improve your average. Points are reset at the start of every round. Encourage your teammates to push your team rank.

Pair your digital band with Google Fit. Open TWC appgo to profile- besides your statistic is an option to – Pair Device- select Google Fit to pair your band. For ios users allow step tracking in IHealth app settings.

Data collection depends mainly on the synchronized band, which is the other party and we have no control over it. Once the data is collected it is updated on the leaderboard immediately.

Yes, you can reach us out directly via the WhatsApp icon on the app with any query that you may have. You can reach us out at +91 9667776358 or drop a mail at mails@originbluy.com

Typical lead time for us is 5 days to launch a customised challenge for you after getting a go ahead from you. As of now you can’t launch it yourself.

There is unlimited participation. You can scale it as large or as small as you want. People can join from anywhere and compete in teams.

You can select from an existing one or we can build a unique custom challenge for you according to your organization needs.

Typical duration to adopt a healthy lifestyle is 12 weeks but you can choose to launch it for 4 weeks too not less than that.

The beauty of a digital app allows us to track each participant via just their phone. Activities steps etc everything is tracked via our app.

When we launch a challenge for you, we create a unique promo code specifically for your organization people. If others use your challenge, they will have to pay for it.

Expert live sessions are added to your challenge before setting it up on the app.

No. As of now you will have to download our app separately in order to launch a TWChallenge in your org.

Expert live sessions is the part of our program which cannot be sold separately without the program

Ours isn’t just a wellness app or tracking app we intend to build engagement and increase team bonding by providing corporate gamified team-based challenges. We use wellness as a means to bring people together. Our services are for b2b only as of now.

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