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Aligarh Academy is a gamified team engagement app for corporates. It drives care, engagement and wellness in an organization.

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Show Care

With Aligarh Academy you show care for people. People have walked more, lost weight, built mindfulness, improved skills and united together.

Strengthen Organization

Stories of togetherness, wellness, and winning flood app feed page during the challenge. This strengthens the organization fabric with people.

Create Engagement

“This has been the largest employee engagement”, “Really Loved the energy”, “I made new friends”, “Wow! Glad We Did It” are common messages. Organization witness a higher participation across geographies.

You Will Experience

Competitive Highs

Mid night runs become common Huge spike in activities becomes common

Team work

Teams strategizing together becomes common People pulling each other up becomes common

Shared Winning

As teams win together they celebrate as one New opportunities of winning are created with every round

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Client Stories

Lockdown and working from home was taking a toll on everyone at ICE. Team building and engagement was falling behind. Hear from our clients, as the rave about the success of the Walkathon Challenge. This engaging event turned out to be the biggest event they had ever hosted with maximum participation. They talk about all the shared and personal benefits they witnessed in their organization.

With more than 2000+ participants in 400+ teams, with each member walking an average of 6k steps daily. This challenge was a hell of a ride. Hear from our challengers as they share their inspiring journey, their driving force behind it. They motivated and pushed each other, kickstarted their personal goals, built friendships, promoted teamwork. Let's hear from them.

Our clients talk about the benefits their organization witnessed in the form of increased wellness as they took little steps towards change, increased productivity as a result of team building, increased happiness and lower stress through dopamine release, and increased employee engagement by pushing each other. The incentives of points and rank worked really well in their favor.

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